This One’s For The Boys

The answer to the question that men have been asking for centuries can be found in the book “This Ones For The Boys” by “The Bad Boy Expert” Victoria M. Howard www.relationshipguru.us

For Immediate Release – Boca Raton FL- November 16 2013

“This Ones For The Boys,” the newly released book by author Victoria M Howard answers the questions” what women really want, what they don’t want and what makes them tick.”

Victoria Howard who is known by her fans worldwide as ” The Bad Boy Expert” sold millions of copies of her freshman book ” Why Women Love Bad Boys” .

“After I wrote the book Why Women Love Bad Boys I started getting letters from men asking me to write a book for them. They wanted to know what it is that women really want so they could better understand the complexity of that creature called a woman.The men said if they could understand women, life would be better for both sexes. It’s really not rocket science on what we women want from a man— but it’s not what you think! ” says Howard.

” This Ones For The Boys” is released just in time for Christmas; as the book would make a great stocking stuffer for your husband, boyfriend or best friend.

Get your copy today : https://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-62902-925-2

Ms Howard will begin her nationwide book tour in Florida February 2014 . She will also be appearing on many television and radio shows during the tour,along with many public and private speaking engagements. Be sure to sign up at www.relationshipguru.us to find out what cities she will be making her appearances in and for a chance to enter VIP tickets at events along the way.

Victoria will participate in monthly ” LIVE RELATIONSHIP AND DATING CHAT WITH THE BAD BOY EXPERT” on both Twitter and Facebook where people worldwide can ask and receive ” free” dating advice. Be Sure to join her using hashtag #thebadboyexpert or follow her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thebadboyexpert

For interviews, speaking appearances and more please contact her publicists Deb Bailey. 501-617-6103 or email poweryoumedia@gmail.com


STDs at 50?

Dear Bad Boy Expert,
I am a 50 year old divorced woman who has just started dating again after 32 years of marriage.
My husband who I adored left me for his thirty year old secretary!
But before he walked out he generously gave me one last gift to remember him by: an STD!

Of course he denied he had it, but he is the ONLY man I have ever slept with in my life.
My doctor said I had genital warts and treated me for it.
He also said this ” gift” will stay with me forever and I MAY pass it on to anyone I have sex with!
I am dating a nice widower now who says he was only with one woman ( his wife) in his life.
I know it’s getting close to consummating our relationship but am afraid to give it to him or perhaps he giving me something else!
He said he refuses to wear a condom because he doesn’t like the way it feels.
What should I do?

Dear Carolyn,
First of all I’m sorry for your unfortunate situation , but you are not alone.
Many married women had got an STD from their philandering husband.
Go talk to your gynecologist and get his opinion.
This is a very private and touchy situation to give advice.
But I would tell your new love interest about your situation , and — for the time— have him wear a condom.
No woman should be coerced into going something she doesn’t want to do!
The best of luck,


Bad Boy In Prison

Dear Bad Boy Expert,

My name is Ann and I am 35 years old.
I have been writing to the worst kind of Bad Boy imaginable. He’s a convicted felon serving time for raping a 10 year old girl.

I met “Tim” at an online dating site last year and have fallen in love with him .
It started out as a dare from my girlfriend to write a man on a prison dating site.

When his picture popped up I was instantly attracted to him.
He’s a 30 year old Latino who was ” wrongfully” convicted of raping a young girl.

He said he didn’t do it and it was someone who looked like him, but his DNA was found in the little girls pants.when I asked him about that, he said someone planted it there!?!?

I finally drove to the jail to meet him in person last week and fell in love instantly.
I know he did not do it because he is the sweetest and gentle man I have ever met.

My family and friends are so mad and want me to stop seeing him but I can’t!

Dear Ann,
How can I say this without sounding rude, mean or short?—
“What the hell is wrong with you!?”

Your friends and family are correct! This ” devil in disguise” is a wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

There unfortunately are many men like him who wait and prey on sweet, naive women like you.
They get the woman to believe they are innocent and reel them in like a fish out of water.

Please stop writing this man for he is not the innocent, kind man he has made you believe he is!

He is not innocent for how did his DNA get on the poor little girls panties? It wasn’t planted there like he told you!

Wake up before he breaks your heart and ruins your life!
As I wrote in my book, women who write to ” men behind bars” are asking for big trouble.

Men like Ted Bundy and Scott Peterson are very cunning and manipulative and the only means to the outside world are through naive and trusting women like you!

I wouldn’t even give this pedophile the courtesy of a ” Dear John” letter.
Don’t feel bad for he will quickly get another innocent lamb to write him ( if he hasn’t already.)



Marriage Advice

Dear Bad Boy Expert,
My name is Jay and I’m a really nice guy. I guess some people call me a nerd, but I’m just a quiet, shy kinda guy.
People say I’m good looking but I don’t see that . I haven’t been involved with a woman for a long time, but met a gorgeous woman at church 6 months ago.
We have kissed and been intimate together but have never gone all the way.
She says she won’t give herself completely until we’re married!?
She gets me so a roused but I’ve obliged to her wish.
I really want to be with her, but marriage! Isn’t it too soon?

Dear Jay,
This is a new one for I haven’t heard a story like this for a long time.
With sex being so ” free and fast” in society today, most women let men hit a home run way too early.
Being raised in a strict Catholic, Italian family I understand this woman’s morals and feelings.
The one thing I didn’t hear from you was the word ” love.”
If you are truly in love with her, tell her how you feel and you can get engaged. I don’t recommend jumping into the fire right away, and always say ” to wait at least one year” before getting into something that just ” maybe” will turn out to be a terrible mistake.
If you don’t love this woman and just want to feed your needs, do yourself and this woman a favor, and graciously move on.
Playing with someone’s heart, soul and mind can permanently damage a person for life.
Talk to her and ” take it slow.”
If you two decide to wait for the nuptials to consummate your relationship , ill bet you’ll be taking a lot of cold showers!
Good luck, Victoria


Cheerleading for a Bad Boy

My name is Tanya and I am a fifty year old divorcee.
I finally started dating again after two years of celibacy.
It is so different than when I dated my ex husband 30 years ago.
At first I was so embarrassed to have another man see me naked, but I keep myself fit and am told I have a body of a thirty year old.
Two months ago I met a man ten years younger who has rocked my world!
Our sex life is as good as it can be, and my young lover is teaching me new ways and positions I never knew existed.
Last week he asked me to ” dress” up for him , by wearing a red wig and cheerleader outfit.
When I asked him why he said” he likes diversity.”
Do you think I should do this to please him or do you think he’s just getting tired of me?


Dear Tanya,

It’s hard to say what exactly is on your ” boy toys” mind, but some men just have to change the scenery to keep their interest.
A few will test the waters elsewhere, while others will like their woman to please them by acting out their fantasies.

There’s nothing wrong with dressing up if it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.
Pretend you’re an actress trying out for a scene in a movie. It can be very fun and exciting.
But if its doing something you aren’t comfortable with, stand your ground and say no.



Dating Online Risks

Dear Bad Boy Expert,
I have been writing to a man I met online for about one month now.
I read your book ” Sex, Lies and Someone Else’s Picture” about online dating and a few ” red flags” have been brought to my attention.
I agreed to meet him at a coffee shop near my home ( he lives 2 hours away) .
He seems like a nice enough guy , but last week he asked me if I am into kinky sex!?
I haven’t even met this guy yet and certainly never even thought about sex yet.
Other than that he seems like a hard working, sweet guy who has never been married ( he’s 42) so there is no ” baggage.”

When he asked me that question I changed the subject right away and he didn’t bring it up again since, but I can’t get it outta my mind.

What if he asks me again when I meet him next week?
I’m not a prude but I think that’s a very personal question.
What do you think?


Dear Carla,
Glad you read my book and yes, it is a crimson red flag!
This ” sweet” man doesn’t even know who you are and what you are like yet.
That is a very personal question !
Whether you like kinky sex or not is between you and your ” partner” — not a stranger.
And this man IS a stranger!

If you want to meet this man in a public place , tell a friend where you are going, and make sure this man doesn’t follow you home when you leave.
IF he Asks you again, tell him that this is a personal question and please don’t bring it up again.

If it were me, I would make sure my shoelaces were tied … And run!!
You ” think ” this is a sweet man. You only know what he has told you and as my book says” many people lie” sitting behind a computer on Internet sites.

It’s your call but please be careful if you do meet him.


Playing Out Her Husbands Fantasies

Dear Bad Boy Expert,
I’ve been married to the same man for 20 years and have to say that our marriage has been good.
He’s a good husband, good father and provider. Doesn’t drink, do drugs or run around.
Our sex life has always been good and I thought I pleased my husband.

Last month he asked me if I would wear a black wig ( I’m a blond) to bed.
Next, he wanted me to start wearing hose , garter belts and high heels to bed.
When I ” dress up” it seems like he is more aroused and excited.
I do this to make him happy , but I feel strange; like I’m another woman in bed with my husband.
When I asked him ” why this sudden new fetish, he said he never cheated in 20 years and feels like he’s with someone new , but he’s really still with me, and only me.
I must say it is exciting to play out these roles , but I still feel cheap.
Any suggestions ?

Dear Brianna,
Don’t feel cheap or strange. I think it’s quite alright to “play out your husbands fantasies”.
I admire that he has remained faithful to you all these years , and see nothing wrong with wearing wigs and sexy lingerie for him.
Relax, have fun and enjoy this time with your husband.
He may just be going through a phase and get tired of it soon.


Bad Boy Dressed As Woman?

Dear Bad Boy Expert,
I love your column and need your advice.
I am a 28 year old model from Paris who lives in Miami now.
I met my boyfriend, Nico, who is also a model here, a few months ago on an assignment.
If there is such a thing as love at first sight,, I had it.
Nico is handsome, sexy and our sex life is out of this world!
Last week I was away on a job out of state and came home a day early.
I didn’t tell Nico for I wanted to surprise him. Well, he sure as hell surprised me!
When I came home I found him walking around the house dressed in my underwear and wearing a women’s wig!
Of course I screamed , cried and almost fainted. He said he was just playing around, and wanted to know what it was like to dress like a woman!!
Is this normal for American men or is something strange with my guy?
Model from Miami

Dear Model from Miami,
I’ve dated a lot of men from the USA and other countries but I never once dated one who dressed up in women’s clothes.
I can’t believe it was “just to see how it felt to be a woman!!!”
Either your man is a closet gay, a transgender or just very strange !
If I were you I would put the brakes on the relationship. Who knows what he is and who he’s been with ?
Tell Nico you don’t like sharing your clothes with your room mate and kindly ” kick Em to the curb!”


Dating Over 50

Dating Over 50 Now available

Are you over 50 and looking for the perfect mate? The one? Someone to spend your golden years with? Then this is the book for you!!

Victoria M Howard has done it again. This time taking her relationship expertise to the Over 50 group!!

Read her newest addition to her book collection and see how she helps the over 50 crowds with their dating in the electronic age.


Bad Boy Who Drinks

Dear Bad Boy Expert,
My name is Maria and I am originally from Columbia. I was raised in a very poor family, with 7 siblings.
I grew up watching my mother take daily abuse from daddy- both physical, mental and sexual.
Daddy’s not always a bad person- just when he drinks.
I have been dating a man for 8 months who is very sweet , loving and handsome.
Everything was perfect for the first few months until one day when he drank. He started criticizing me; called me horrible names, and then he hit me. He told me ” I made him do it and it was all my fault!” Afterwards , he cried and told me he was sorry and it would never happen again.
Then it happened a few more times. Yesterday was the worst. He told me to take off a dress I was wearing to work because ” it was too sexy.”
When I stood up for myself, he hit me so hard I fell into the bedpost and was unconscious for a few minutes. Now I have a black eye and bump on my forehead.
Again, he cried and said ” it was my fault, because I’m too pretty and turn men on!”
PLEASE help me. I love him so much and know he doesn’t mean to do the things he does. But I’m afraid of ending up like mama!

Dear Maria,
Please get out of this relationship NOW! I know it’s easier said than done but I’ve seen so many situations like yours, and the women end up either living their life as a punching bag… Or worse- dead!!
Your man has a serious problem — and it’s not you!!
Tell him to seek help and then you may consider being with him.Until then , be strong and get out!
Women were not born to be some mans punching bag!
Good luck.

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